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This post is for Auburn people. If you’re not one, please read on, but understand this: They weren’t “just trees.”

An Alabama fan, enraged after his team lost to Auburn 28-27 in November’s Iron Bowl, poisoned two 130-year-old live oak trees at Toomer’s Corner. For those unfamiliar with Auburn’s tradition — one that Alabama fans and alumni disparage — read this excellent column by Sports Illustrated’s Andy Staples.

A bit of background. The Alabama fan — surprise, he didn’t go to college — who committed this crime on behalf of his beloved Tide told the Paul Finebaum Radio Show that he’d become enraged by two things besides the Iron Bowl. First, he had heard that some Auburn students rolled Toomer’s Corner the day his pagan god, Bear Bryant, died. He had heard that. Never mind that it has no basis in fact. Also, he was miffed that someone taped a Cam Newton jersey on the statue of his dead pagan god. And while this Alabama fan didn’t mention it, he would have really steamed to know that a prankster planted rye grass seed in a “28-27” motif on campus. So, there’s your background.

What’s been interesting to me are the reactions. Some guy who posts as “kleph” at Roll Bama Roll equated the killing of 130-year-old trees with taping a jersey on a statue and pouring grass seed on the ground. “Bottom line, these are all a reprehensible acts and have nothing to do with the rivalry between the two schools and respective football programs.” (Emphasis kleph’s, not mine.) You catch that lumping? These are “all” reprehensible acts. They’re all the same. In the comments section, the handful of condemnations were interspersed with lots and lots of “it’s just a tree” remarks.  These are the people we’re dealing with, Auburn folks.

Mal Moore, Alabama’s Athletic Director — and one of a handful of living protoges of the aforementioned dead pagan god — intoned, “Hearing this about Toomer’s Corner is upsetting to me in several ways. I certainly hope that whomever is responsible is held accountable.” Strong words indeed, Mal. I’m totally sure you’re NOT laughing your ass off.

Auburn President Jay Gogue said what he had to say. He discouraged any retaliation or reprisals and urged Auburn people to “live up to the example we set in becoming national champions and the beliefs expressed in our Auburn Creed.” God bless him. And it’s a fine sentiment, but one that requires a belief in the good faith of the other side.

And they have none, Dr. Gogue. Deep in their hearts, Mal Moore and [closeted Alabama President] Robert Whitt have nothing but contempt for you, Auburn University, its alumni and everything we represent. Mal Moore learned at the feet of the pagan god who called Auburn a “cow college.” Just below the surface, Moore, Whitt and every Alabama fan thinks this is gut-bustingly funny.

I was once able to make a distinction between actual Alabama alumni and the white-trash “sidewalk fans” who make up probably 90% of their fan base. No more. I’ve seen plenty of Twitter/blog/message board comments from UA graduates that say, in essence, “Big deal. They’re just trees.”

Well, first off, they’re not, so fuck you. What you did was permanantly remove a symbol of our University. You stole a tradition that was dear to generations of people who actually attended college. It means nothing to you, because you’re incapable of understanding. You’re obsessed with one aspect of college — football — at a university to which you have no other connection. And that’s why they’re “just trees” to you. Alabama fans, you are white trash, without exception. In your black little hearts, you’re happy this happened.

Now as to Dr. Gogue’s plea for non-retaliation: again, it’s a fine, if unrealistic sentiment. And here’s what n0n-retaliation will get us: another attack by another typical Bama fan, with faux hand-wringing from the UA administration and more pleas for restraint from Samford Hall. But we’ll cling to the Auburn Creed and convince ourselves that we’re better people than they are. And wait for the next desecration of our campus, when the cycle can begin anew.

Make no mistake, Auburn people: It is they who have created this climate of hate. The legions of uneducated, bandwagon-jumping football fanatics. That is the University of Alabama. The actual alumni have done nothing to quell the garbage, so they should be categorically and forever classified with their sidewalk auxiliaries. They think they’re better than we are, because we attended a “cow college.”

I reject the call for pacifism. Inaction will make us the France of the S.E.C.

Now, I do not advocate violence.

But what if…

What if, at the Iron Bowl in Auburn next November, no Bama fan felt safe? What if, on multiple occasions that weekend, the first bit of “Roll Tide” smack were met with a several-on-one beating?

What if Alabama fans were spat upon, all day long? They’d whine about Auburn’s “lack of class.” Yeah, they’re experts on class. Let them taste a mouthful of poisoned soil at Toomer’s Corner, then listen to their lectures.

I don’t advocate destruction of property. It would  be stupid to deface their pagan statues in Tuscaloosa.

But what if, upon returning to their vehicles after the Iron Bowl dozens and dozens of Bama fans found their cars keyed tires flattened? I mean…that would be awful.

As I was winding up this post, a bartender from Tuscaloosa told me via Twitter, “I just think the rhetoric is so strong we need to step back . Both sides.”

Again, that mentality. “Everyone’s to blame. Let’s work together.”

Sorry, Alabama. You fucksticks created this climate of hatred. You’re the ones who killed an Auburn symbol, forever. You can’t start a gunfight then yell “cease fire.” I hope every one of you reaps the whirlwind.


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  1. I didn’t poison the trees. Why are you yelling at me

    • Evan: I didn’t yell. I didn’t use ALL CAPS. Maybe you have a guilty conscience.

      Maybe you should fuck yourself.

      Thanks for stopping by.

      • Facebook page Tide for Toomer’s just killed all of your brevity, dude. Like Evan said, we didn’t kill your trees, and not all fans don’t feel the same as everyone else. I’ve donated money to help the trees because I don’t want Auburn fans like you to see Alabama fans like me in the bad light.

        Roll Tide.

      • You Will Be Arrested for your comment. said:

        And Maybe you should be run over by a truck. How in the hell can you say anything like that? You are not an Auburn fan, and I for one am disgusted that you would say anything in our defense.

  2. If we know where Nick Saban’s house is well enough to paint it, surely we can put a bullet in his or his wife or daughters’ head, right?

    • Who said anything about vandalizing Saban’s house or hurting his family? You’re stretching, dude.

    • Why do you blame all Alabama fans for this? It makes no sense. You are breeding a hate that soon will be out of control. Take it up with the guy who actually sprayed the poison. Your an idiot!!!

    • I hope the next sound you hear is a knock on you door with a police officer on the other side, and I hope you go to jail. Unfortunately there is no charge for being an idiot, but I think they can come up with something. Grow up! Do you really think “trees” are the equivalent to a human life? You have just put yourself on a lower level than the moron that poisoned the tree!!

    • Jessie ODell said:

      This has been forwarded to the Tuscaloosa County Sheriffs Department for further review.

    • You Will Be Arrested for your comment. said:

      You have got to be kidding me right? Advocating MURDER is out of line. You have been reported and I sincerely hope that the mods send your IP to the authorities. I’m as heartbroken as anyone over what happened , But you have just crossed the line.

  3. If a tree falls in the woods and nobody is there to hear it, does it make a sound?

    If a man poorly writes a shitty blog and nobody reads it, is he still a man?

  4. Wow! One man poisons a tree, you advocate violence for the whole fanbase.

    The whole “What if, on multiple occasions that weekend, the first bit of “Roll Tide” smack were met with a several-on-one beating?”

    With that statement, if you represent the entire Auburn fanbase, then I agree. Alabama fans are better than Auburn fans.

    • 1. I don’t claim to represent the Auburn fan base. In fact, I know my opinion is in the minority.

      2. I didn’t advocate violence.

      3. Would I be upset if a bunch of sidewalk bammer trash got beaten up, had their cars keyed and their tires flattened? Not in the least.

      Big difference. I don’t advocate violence.

      • WOW…your rant about this issue is mind blowingly IGNORANT! How can you say you aren’t advocating violence?! Maybe you should learn what the fucking word means before throwing it out there in cute bold lettering?
        That “what if” shit, who are you tyler durden?
        I guess thats your interpretation of the “all in” motto
        Classy bro.
        Lets stereotype EVERY alabama fan after that dumbass!
        I don’t know any Alabama fans who are proud of what that guy did. The only ones who differ may be the degenerates who call into the finebaum show…and there are many dumb toothless fans on both sides so lets not take anything they say too far please.

        Im sure its all Alabama’s fault the FBI and NCAA have been crawling all over Auburns program for several months.

        Bottom Line: It was a horrible malicious act by ONE dumb old man…let it go man.

      • Hey Einstein! What kind of response did you expect to get?! Did you really think your little “blog” would bring out the BEST in everyone? You need to grow up & THINK before you write………..

      • You'll Know said:

        Pretty ironic considering you have pictures of yourself on this “blog”. I’d be careful about the trash you spew from your inbred fingers if I were you, which, thankfully I’m not.

      • BurnToomersTrees said:

        Lol, fuck your trees. Try and take on bama fans bitch. We outnumber you 10 to 1. Your cow college is being burnt from all angles. Haahaha, enjoying that “championship?” Ahahahahahahahaah I only wish there were more trees to poison.

  5. I guess if you put the tag “what if”, then that changes everything.

    I’m not advocating violence, but ‘what if’ I beat the piss out of any Auburn fan that says “War Eagle”.

  6. You sound like a nutcase and should be locked up with Harvey.

    There was a reason this rivalry was ended for over four decades. There was a reason why our ancestors chose not to play in on either school’s campus in 1948.

    Sounds to me as if our ancestors were smarter than the average fan of today. Just a thought.

  7. Shocked football fan said:

    Wow. I don’t know if I have ever read anything so full of hate before. There are wonderful Christain people on both sides of this. It is a shame for one person so full of hate to give a school and it’s fans a bad reputation by their actions or words. You cannot claim to be the better person with more class and intelligence if you abandon both when they are challenged. Find a more productive outlet for your anger and actually act like the better person you are claiming to be. Or are those just words? I am truly sorry for your loss.

  8. I for one am a HUGE Auburn fan and I must say that this article is as disturbing as the crime that was commited at Toomer’s Corner. I feel the need to apologize to most Bama fans now because most Auburn fans do NOT feel this way. You can NOT blame everybody that is a Bama fan for what one lunatic does. Most of my best friends are die-hard Bama fans and I will admit that it gets heated during arguments and some of the smack talking that goes on during football season and people are going to do things sometimes to piss you off in the name of rivalry but that all comes with the territory. Hell that’s what makes the rivalry between Bama and Aurburn so much fun. Football season wouldn’t be football season and would be boreing without it. Just as most Bama fans do not want to be represented by the lunatic that poisoned those mighty oaks, neither do Auburn fans want to be represented by lunatics such as the one who wrote this POS article.

  9. Wide you have just posted a terrorist threat. I am sure The FBI will be looking for you and I pray that the good people who support both teams realize that you are not a true Alabama fan. Just igorant.

  10. For everyone who is getting so upset over this blog.. I find it hysterical.. for a couple of reasons.

    1) Look at the name of this post. If you haven’t read Jonathan Swift’s A Modest Proposal, then maybe you should.. you would then be able to take this with a grain of salt the same way some (not all) Alabama fans claim the Auburn Family should take the Toomer’s Oaks situation.

    2) It was okay for Alabama fans in attendance at the Iron Bowl to throw “Cam Cash” on the field and for your classy quarterback to flip off the Auburn section and for you to completely and totally dog our quarterback, coaches, team and university all year for a ‘scandal’ that still hasn’t even been proven to be in your favor. We were also told to shut up after we won our national championship and about how y’all were still the greatest in the country.. but here’s a news flash. Bear Bryant is still dead and thanks for the 24 point lead at the game this year.. it was greatly appreciated.. see I’m talking about current situations, unlike you Bammers who likes to live in the past. Also, if I wanted to live in the past like y’all.. let’s look into the stats between the two schools for the last 30 years.. we beat y’all on everything. But that’s the difference between us.. we have a spirit that won’t die.. even though you all will continue to try and kill it (no pun intended.. well yeah, actually it was).

    I believe in Auburn and love it.

    War Eagle 🙂

  11. BammerJammer said:

    How do we know Cam Newton didn’t poison the tree and Trooper Taylor didn’t pay updyke to take the blame?

  12. What was done to those trees is an absolute tragedy, but blaming the entire fanbase for what one white trash redneck did is ridiculous.

  13. You are just like your opinion, worthless. You hide here on the internet and run down others. So while you sit there on your moral highground and talk about god and values. You are no better than those you are righting about. If you are such a man, just walk right up to any Bama fan, since we are so easy for you to pick out, and voice your ridiculous opinion. I am sure you do not have the gumpton enough to do it. You have a good day sir. You left wing, TREE hugging, hackey sack kicking liberal.

    • Uh, okay…

      So while you sit there on your moral highground and talk about god and values.

      Couple things here, dude. That’s not a complete sentence. And I don’t remember invoking God, or values.

      You are no better than those you are righting about.

      Uh, maybe I’m just trying to…”write” a wrong or something.

      One question: Where did you go to college?

  14. Steve Smith said:

    You are a loser and your post stinks. I do think it was a crappy thing to do trying to kill the tradition like that, however, I think your article is just as crappy. Maybe one day you will grow up and get a life. I hope they are able to save those trees so AU can continue their tradition, but I think your article puts you on the same level as the person who did it. Oh yeah ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!

  15. “Alabama fans, you are white trash, without exception. In your black little hearts, you’re happy this happened.”

    Alabama fans raised over 20k to help replace the trees…
    I understand AU fans being upset, but really? I think this is beyond rational. If we are so happy about this and all think this is funny, why raise over 20k? We don’t like what this fan did and are trying to take what steps we can to help make this right. i know you can’t put a price on a tradition but at least we are making an effort to help. We arn’t all standing around laughing about it.

  16. One more thing, instead of the what ifs on the Alabama fan base, what if you had the guy who did this to the trees full name and home town? What if finding his home isn’t very hard at all? What if those who actually want retaliation do so to the man who brought this upon the Auburn University?
    Just a thought..

    • I’ve seen plenty of message board chatter and Twitter feeds from Bammers. They’re either laughing, or saying “What’s the big deal? It’s a couple of trees.”

      I despise you people as a breed.

  17. Well I grew up in Tuscaloosa but got three degrees from other schools – based on my interest in major/career not offered by the in-state schools. I still root for UA so I guess I am a “sidewalk fan.” I guess I’m in the majority for the Tide nation. I guess we are veRy different than the rest of the country. I suppose I just didn’t realize that all of Jordan-Hare is filled with proud alumni every Saturday in the fall.

    At any rate, I do think it is ridiculous that the trees have been poisoned. I also think it ridiulous that anything has been vandalized on either side. I don’t live in Tuscaloosa anymore but I do have family and several friends there. Furthermore, my wife holds an MBA from UA. Nonetheless, I am sorry that all this has taken place. It is not right. From the bottom of my heart I am terribly sorry that the trees have been poisoned, and I honestly hope they can somehow survive.

    Having said all that, rolling trees with toilet paper is about the dumbest tradition I’ve ever heard of. We worship our “pagan gods” because they represented UA in a proud manor. We’re simply proud of the former and current leaders. I love trees, but I certainly don’t throw toilet paper in them. Toilet paper is for wiping one’s bottom after urinating or defecating, or even to blow one’s nose. Again, not for

  18. I’m at student at UA, and to be honest, most people are outraged that someone would try and kill and Auburn tradition. We understand the importance of the trees, and any tree for that matter. So, it really isn’t right to call Alabama “fucksticks” when it wasn’t Alabama’s choice for an old football crazed man to kill your trees.

  19. I’ll tell you what………………How bout YOU go fuck yourself.

  20. One guy did this and he’s not even affiliated with UA and he’s not even from Alabama. He doesn’t represent anyone but himself. While we (the students here at Alabama) consider Auburn to be our most heated rival, we know a lot about tradition and what that hick did at Toomer’s Corner is tragic. That is a tradition that cannot be replaced. That being said, I don’t think it’s fair for you to generalize all Alabama fans and act as if we all took part in this crude act that many of us are sickened by. Forget rivalries, this was just wrong. Many of us, including myself, have donated money to help Auburn any way we can at http://www.facebook.com/tidefortoomers — over $22,000 so far. This is a gesture of good faith which you claim will not come from us. Please do not condemn the entire Alabama fan base for this man’s actions. He is not a part of us. I think the 40,000 members of this facebook page outnumbers one hick in Dadeville.

    • I think the gesture is transparent and an attempt to generate some good PR. I do and will continue to to associate every Alabama person with this act.

  21. David Wilson said:

    None of anything you said is surprising. With statements like 90% of Alabama fans are sidewalk fans. You have a complete lack of intelligence to involve Alabama in any of this. This is a criminal act between this guy and Auburn. Your crimson envy is showing in that you stretch this story into some Alabama vs.Auburn issue, that argument is without one bit of evidence. You then go on spewing hate. I attended the University of Alabama, graduated and went on to Medical School which I am betting is far more educated than yourself. Your lack of originality and intelligence is showing perhaps you are just of their fan base that fits into the Auburn 90% of sidewalk fans. Grow up and stop the hate or you are no better than the guy who committed the horrible act of damaging the Oaks.

  22. You were “Golden” until you got to this point:
    I reject the call for pacifism. Inaction will make us the France of the S.E.C.

    Now, I do not advocate violence.

    But what if…

    Then you became the DA who did the crime. You were so close to being an ICON with reasoning and facts posted above this departure line. You lost me with your summation of what if….what if every Auburn fan in 2012 gets their tires slashed at the Iron Bowl…..you are proclaiming all out war in the face of the University leaders request to be an Auburn man and live the creed. Go toe to toe with the biggest UA fan you can find..tell him to go F himself. Then come back and write a true story of how well he accepted your comments.

  23. Quite frankly I think you could switch the name of the schools in this vent and he’d easily be one of the tide fans Auburn fans chastise. I think he is embarrassing Auburn, I know he is embarrassing me as an AUburn man. As are some of the comments here, Auburn fans sounding like those who they attack for acting the way they do.
    I said and reacted in a not so different way initially but mainly directly at the Dadeville Al, not the U of A directly, had I said/inferred some of the things this guy posted, I’d be deleting them right now.-Gene AU’82

  24. I am an older AU grad – 1989. Guys and gals, calm down. Auburn people don’t act like this. This is dangerous talk and you are in danger of “becoming who you despise.” Please stop with the violence and retribution talk.

    Bad Bammers are what they are; they won’t change. You have been taught to be better – please don’t embarrass the Auburn family by reacting with violence. This article and some of these responses have no place in our family, As someone who has children of her own, I am speaking to you as your mom would. Leave the lower-class Bams alone. They are not worth it. To retaliate in kind would mean that you consider them your equal – they are not.

    And no matter what you think, there are good Alabama fans. Take a look at the Facebook site raising money for Toomer’s. Please, no plans for retribution.

    • Thanks for your comments. I just disagree. I do not think there are any good Alabama fans. And I wish they would all stay off of our campus forever.

  25. You are disgusting. No need to hate all Bama fans because of one act by a vile person. You are classless and do not deserve to call yourself an Auburn fan.

  26. Fuck you Bama. And a bigger Fuck you to Nicky Saban.

  27. Andy Thurman said:

    This is still hatred you are preaching and VIOLENCE that you say you are not teaching. It is people like you that are dangerous to both fan bases. To see a comment about “putting a bullet” in Saban’s family?. I think that is a terror threat. Maybe someone should contact Homeland Security…..You do not represent AU.

  28. I agree with your anger. However I think that if we go with the what if’s here then we lower ourselves to their level. We forget what makes Auburn great, we forget the Creed. I believe in a sound mind, a sound body, and a spirit that is not afraid. A sound mind does not destroy the property of another institution simply because we don’t like what happens on a football field. A spirit that is not afraid is not afraid to embody the Auburn spirit and do what is right. Sure it would feel good to beat the crap out of some of them right now..but it isnt the right thing to do and therefore we should leave the classless behavior to the other side. Believe me the world is watching.

    • Yep. Let’s cling to the Creed, and then cling to it again when they commit the next heinous act.

      Maybe if we’re nice to them, they won’t kill any more trees.

  29. What if the writer of this blog was an Alabam Fan trying to bring Auburn Fans down to his level?

  30. What if Auburn Fans simply support Jay Jacobs and Coach Chizic by advocating non-violence in the spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. So far so good IMO.

    As a “True” Auburn Fan and Alum, I say… Shame on the writer of this blog, who I lump in with Finnebaum and the rest of the Haters.

    This was a lone act of a deranged idiot. Nothing more, nothing less.

    I say War Eagle to my Crimson Tide Brothers & Alumni who are every bit as justified in loving their school and team as we are.

  31. All I can say about your trees is… HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  32. Boy, I stumbled across this scary piece of bloggery from some other site — you people are all severely out of touch with reality. After reading this, I don’t think I would want to send my kids to either of these colleges, if the student body is ANYTHING like you bunch of pinheads. Roll Tide and War Eagle my foot — get a grip, people — enter the 21st. century.

  33. I don’t think the fans should be worried about being safe….its your shitty QB’s that will be running for their lives.

  34. Jonathon Doe said:

    The AU cult continues on. It’s just too bad that AU is currently under investigation for violations of the Mann Act, which includes human trafficking.

    They were trees, guys. There is no need for violence against humankind. Some idiot did something stupid and is the exception, not the rule. Too bad AU isn’t the Christian school it claims to be as I believe the commandments are to “Love God, and to Love thy neighbor.” There was no mention of “killing (which includes any hateful thought, spoken word, or violent act) a human for the sake of a lifeless tree.”

    But…then again…what would the AU cult know about anything like that? I love you guys, but you should repent.

  35. I am a complete outsider. I know one Alabama alum in my life and he is horrified and upset that this occurred at Toomer’s Corner. BUT, if the person who wrote this blog came from Auburn University and believes the crap that just came out of his own mouth? God save you all, Auburn.


    (p.s. one-on-one “beatings” ARE violence….look it up…oh, nevermind.)

  36. Sarah Winchester said:

    Roll tide!!!!

  37. Sarah Winchester said:

    I want to start out with a Roll Tide!!! U re article is a disgrace!!! All AU did was pay a couple of hundred thousand dollars for a championship because they couldn t stand the fact that Alabama has & will continue to win championships without cheating!! U are trying to pour gas on the fire with u re article and enrage more violence!!! The whole country is looking down on all the bullshit!!! Football is suppose to be about bringing people together to have a good time not about tearing them apart!!! It s kinda hard to celebrate and cherish that championship when it was Soo riddled with controversary and lies !! Let s settle our differences on the field!!!

  38. You’re an idiot. Every Alabama fan I know thinks this was terrible. They talk trash, but they respect Auburn. Otherwise the Iron Bowl would be a meaningless game.

    Anyone with any intelligence can see you are indeed advocating the “what if’s.”

    There are bad apples on both sides. You basically want to start a war over a few. So start it. I suspect anything Auburn fans do will be paid back.

  39. KoolBell4AU said:

    I think you are way over the line here. The Auburn Creed would slap your face if it were a physical document.
    Since our creed is just words to live by, let us just do that, live by them words.
    I believe in Auburn, and love it!

    War Eagle!

  40. WarTreeagle said:

    I hope this isn’t supposed to be anything like Swift’s, A Modest Proposal… because that was good satire, and this, while entertaining, is just vitriol.

    I’m pissed off too man, but you have to understand, Updike was just one crazy ass ‘Bammer who didn’t even GO to Alabama. He’s not a good representation of the lot of them. I have many good friends who go to Alabama, I’d like to think that they won’t get assaulted at the next Iron Bowl.

    However, if like Updike, they start the fight… well then… that’s a horse of a different color.

    • Thank you for your comments. I disagree. I think Updyke is the face of the prototypical, uneducated, white trash, football-only fanbase that is Alabama.

  41. You sound just as crazy if not crazier then the person who poison the trees. In the beginning of all of this, most of the Bama nation myself included felt sorry for what happened down there. Hell $8k was RAISED for you guys and yet, you talking about hurting our coach and his family over some trees?!? Really?

    As the days go by I feel less and less sympathic about this because quite frankly the reaction of some Auburn fans. The main problem with this rivarly is how obnixous fans on both sides have become. If either side had MORE respect for the other, this stuff doesn’t take place. But as long as you and people like Updyke keep stroking the fires of this, it’s only going to get worse.

    I will be glad when true fans of both schools step up and say ENOUGH. Auburn fan or not what you said in this article is NUTS and I hope AU fans see that.

    • I write words on a blog, and I’m as crazy as Updyke? And your sympathy diminishes because of the reaction of the injured parties?

      Yeah, I’m way off-base.

  42. Brian Wilson said:

    As an Auburn grad and lifelong fan, I’m horrified and angered by your proposal. I actually have been physically attacked by Bama fans for nothing other than being Auburn. I too have suffered years of insults and condescension by jerks in crimson shirts. Why in hell do you want to follow that path?

    Sensible UA people know that a line has been crossed, even if they don’t understand what those trees meant. I have spoken to MANY who are horrified by this. There is a Facebook page called “Tide for Toomers” where Tide fans can help with the preservation project. A little girl in Northport sold lemonade for the project and by the end of the day had raised $1,250, mostly from Tuscaloosa people throwing money in.

    Many of them “get” it. This is a chance to clear up a lot of the bad air between the two sides, and proposals like yours will do nothing but confirm us as the classless hicks they like to imagine. Please, take the high road here. Show the jerks what class really is.

    And WDE, I really hope you were going for a “Modest Proposal” effect there. Even if you were, please can that horrible kind of thing.

    • I actually have been physically attacked by Bama fans for nothing other than being Auburn. I too have suffered years of insults and condescension by jerks in crimson shirts.

      They kill our trees and you preach pacifism.

      I disagree.

  43. Auburnrosco said:

    Dude, really? This whole ordeal has actually made me realize that my perspective on Auburn’s rivals has been over the top. I’ve done some things that I’m ashamed of and did not bring good credit to Auburn, my alma mater. While none of it involved ecoterrorism, it was wrong nonetheless. And it is dumb stuff like what I did that keeps the fire fueled.

    I highly recommend you rethink what you’ve typed here. Harvey will be punished, and like it or not bammers, the UAT fan base as a whole will bear this black eye. It is on them to make this right, even though “they” as a whole did not committ this terrible act. I say we as Auburn people afford them that opportunity and do not participate in any retaliatory acts. Proportionality is not on our side this time. Stay calm, quit fueling the fire, and give the good UAT fanbase a chance to demonstrate that they truly are disgusted.

  44. Jessie ODell said:

    Clearly the person who wrote the blog is of the same blood line as the idiot who poisoned the trees. By the spelling and grammar I’d guess he never attended college either. I’m also VERY sure he doesn’t speak for Auburn University or the Auburn Fan Base that I know and Love. As an Alabama Fan, and being married to a Graduate of Alabama myself, I’ve never felt uncomfortable at Auburn. It’s all been in good fun for us. The Day someone is assaulted on Auburn University Property will be a sad day in deed, but even then, I won’t hold the Auburn fan base or the University of Auburn Responsible for one classless redneck.

    I can’t believe I am actually giving this person the time I have waited reading his blog. Surely there must be a cow somewhere he can go and stump train…

    Jessie ODell

  45. I get that you’re upset about the trees. As a UGA fan, I can think of numerous things that a rogue fan from any school could do to piss me off in similar fashion.. but saying you wouldn’t be upset if something happened to a ‘bama fan at next year’s game is really the same thing as advocating. If there is one, tiny little positive that’s come out of this mess it’s that so many in the college football world, including many at Alabama, have condemned this douchebag. Wishing harm to other ‘bama fans who may not share the same sentiment as Al from Dadeville does not accomplish anything.

    Full disclosure. Out of all the games I’ve been to in Sanford stadium, I have encountered none more rude and uncouth than the ‘Bama fans that visited in 2008. I’m sure we have our fair share of fans that can do the same, and I would be the first to call them out. On the flip side, I’d hate to be counted as one of those kinds of fans for actions I didn’t commit and/or condone and become an unwarranted target. I’d encourage you to change your thinking here, as nothing you’ve said above accomplishes what you hope it will.

  46. lovesecfootball said:

    You’re no better than the guy that poisoned the trees. Actually I am not sure why the post from WDE shouldn’t be considered a criminal intent. Strong words here ….Dude..some anger management classes are in order. I’ve never spit on anyone, deflated anyone’s tired, or keyed anyone’s auto and don’t intend to start. I’m not so sure there should be an Iron Bowl. Tempers need to be checked….someone..on whatever side of the fence you reside…may get hurt.

  47. Dude you’re every it as stupid as the freak that poisoned the trees. People like you and him are the ones that give fans a bad name. Do you think for one minute that anyone with an IQ higher than that of a rock doesn’t understand what you are trying to do here? Idiot.

  48. Matt Miller said:

    Alright, get it out of your system. I know you are pissed off, I am too. But there is no reason to believe we are “waiting for the next desecration of our campus.” This is not a movement. This is one maniac. One person. No reason to carpet bomb Tuscaloosa on account of one deranged person. I am an Auburn fan, and you absolutely do not speak for me. I dare say that more Bama fans are upset about this than you want to admit. If you have that much rage, direct it somewhere better. Find an outlet. You have a right to be pissed, but what you seem to be advocating is revenge, and that won’t stand. All that would do is eventually destroy the greatest college football rivalry and neither side wants that. War Eagle.

  49. Toomer's Coroner said:

    Dude… u mad?

  50. Fact Check said:

    You’re in desperate need of a fact check my friend. What the media fails to mention (because Mayberry aka Aubarn fans are sweeping it under the rug) is the fact that our campus has been vandalized NOT ONCE, NOT TWICE, but THREE TIMES by fans of the college located in the backwoods town of Aubarn, AL. In addition, Nick Saban’s house was also vandalized by AUtards following the cheaters’ win over Alabama this year. What this guy did was a simple case of slaying your dog because you slapped his cat.



    Aubarn, Al fans brought this on themselves. Instead of basking in the glory of buying their 2nd national championship in school history, they came to UA’s campus to celebrate. I know other than Wire Road trailer park block parties, rodeos, and KKK fraternity gatherings, there’s absolutely nothing else to do in that one-horse, pissant town, but keep your “BIG BROTHER LOOK AT ME” nonsense out of our city.

    And you want to call us classless for refusing to mourn over a dying tree that you guys have been killing for decades? A tree you guys roll WHEN ALABAMA LOSES TO AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT TEAM? A tree you guys roll when your rival coach dies? Pot meet kettle.

    You brought this on yourselves because of your classless acts. Yet we’re classless because we repossessed your tree in retaliation of killing our grass, defacing our statues, and vandalizing our head coach’s house. Yet we’re classless. Pot meet kettle.

    And since you enjoy talking about trash and sidewalk alumni, you mind telling me what these proud Aubarn, AL aka Mayberry alumni majored in at cow college U (Tomato planting? Animal husbandry? Trailer park decorating?):



    And the fact that you represent the biggest redneck college in America further proves Aubarn, AL fans are the biggest hypocrites in America. Enjoy the sanctions that are looming and continue to cry over a dead tree that you guys practically killed yourselves… what else is there to do in that boring-@$$ town?

    • And the fact that you represent the biggest redneck college in America further proves Aubarn, AL fans are the biggest hypocrites in America.

      Wow. You’ve convinced me of the error of my ways.

      Auburn people brought this on themselves, huh?

      Yep. I’m way out of line.

  51. Wow! You’re not advocating violence?
    You should definitely look in to the definition of the word again before someone dumber than you takes your irresponsible flame posts seriously.

    You do realize it was one or two morons who did this and not an entire fanbase right? This is the same mentality that brings out the worst in mankind.I would bet if you were born in Germany in the early 20th century you would be a Nazi.

  52. Your douchebaggery knows no bounds.

    “I THINK that I shall never see
    A thing as dead as auburn’s tree.
    A tree whose hungry mouth is stuffed
    With toilet paper 3 ply, puffed;
    A tree that prays they lose the game,
    Or live with toilet paper shame;
    A tree that may in Autumn wear
    A nest of Charmin in her hair;
    Upon whose bosom leaves are squashed;
    By a redneck; pressure washed.
    Poems are made by fools like me,
    But someone else has killed that tree.” – ccrolltide

  53. andy joiner said:

    MorningVent, you are a dangerous, demented and sick individual. For all I know, kevin scrabinski is Morning Vent just trying to stir things farther so he can rub shoulders with the national madia more. But back to the point – you see me out in town, you try and take me down. I wear Alabama stuff all the time – 6-1, 205, retired Marine. Go for it, big bad dude. You are a twisted person.

    • It’s “Scarbinsky.” With a “y”. And I am not he, but he is the best sports columnist in the state of Alabama.

      And thank you for your service to our country.

  54. Auburnrosco said:

    So 3 days later and my post is still waiting moderation? That’s doesn’t bode well for your confidence in what you wrote. I confident writer is able to take some criticism. My guess is that you got a lot of posts similar to mine.

    I still recommend you rethink and correct your post to something that does not incite more crimes.

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